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We Are

Shield Title Agency

About us

Shield Title Agency is a full-service title insurance agency and escrow service provider serving the residential and commercial real estate industries. Shield Title Agency is committed to providing all clients with an exceptional level of customer service, superior efficiency, and great team for each closing.


Shield Title Agency operates on the following core values:


• Service is our business.

• Experience is our differentiator.

• Striving for Excellence.

Core Values

Our core values are what we have built Shield Title around and how we conquer each day & transaction. Integrity, innovation, respect, efficiency, teamwork, and confidentiality. 

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Our Vision

"Shield Title Agency believes providing quality service, experience and excellence is essential to giving our clients, brokers, and lenders the peace of mind knowing they will be protected and guided throughout all their title and escrow needs. "

Our team is here to support one another as we guide clients, brokers, and lenders through the closing process, providing peace of mind that every step is handled with care. Love what we are all about & want more information or to see about career opportunities with Shield? 

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