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Protecting Against Wire Fraud:
Stay Informed & Secure

The frequency of cyber fraud, including hacked email accounts, forged wire instructions, and other risks, continues to rise at an alarming rate. According to the FBI, in 2022, the real estate sector experienced over 11,578 incidents of wire fraud, resulting in losses exceeding $350 million.


These fraud schemes are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Cybercriminals often engage in routine, seemingly harmless communication to lure victims into sharing personal information or clicking on malicious links that compromise login credentials and passwords. Commonly, these attacks are carried out through phishing, involving deceptive email messages, website forms, or phone calls designed to collect personal data fraudulently. Once personal information is obtained, it is often used to gain unauthorized access to financial transactions.

Don’t become a victim of wire fraud! Education is key to prevention. This page provides the knowledge and tools you need to recognize and prevent wire fraud attempts. Stay informed, stay secure, and protect your transactions.

How to Protect Yourself from Wire Fraud:

Be Vigilant

Always verify the authenticity of any communication requesting personal or financial information.

Educate Yourself

Understand the common tactics used by cybercriminals, such as phishing and spoofing.

Use Secure Communication

When sharing sensitive information, use encrypted email or secure communication channels.

Verify Instructions

Always confirm wire instructions through a trusted source before transferring funds.

Wire Fraud Warning

Shield Title Agency takes the security of personal customer information seriously. Please be sure to read our PDF on Wire Fraud Warning.


Stop Wire

Want more information on wire fraud, how to report wire fraud, or to learn more of what you can do? Click the link below. 

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